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Who actually likes to be in the fog?

A clear view despite a cloudy vision

As absurd as it may sound at first, fog can be used specifically to make things visible. In the case of flow visualization, it is the movement of air in a room The artificial fog produced by a fog generator shows the movement patterns of the air thus enabling conclusions, analyses and forecasts to be drawn.

This knowledge of air flows is not only important in cleanrooms – in the case of fire protection and smoke extraction concepts, it can even save lives. This is because in the event of a fire, the toxic fumes must be quickly ventilated outside via smoke heat extractors or smoke extraction fans to minimize the risk of suffocation and keep escape and rescue routes clear.

Not in the dead of the night
Smoke extraction concepts are usually tested during normal operation of a building or system. By the way: During these tests, flow visualization not only makes it possible to see where the smoke is moving – it also carries out a test to find out whether, for example, alarm chains, the control of the smoke extraction flaps or fans are functioning smoothly. Defects can thus be logged and rectified immediately – so that the functionality of the smoke extraction systems is guaranteed in case of an emergency.

Published: January 2024



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