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Flow visualization


Smoke Study

Tracking down turbulences

Flow visualizations show the movement patterns of air in a room, allowing analysis and forecasting. They are therefore central requirements of the


guidelines as well as

DIN EN ISO 14644


VDI 2083.

High-quality flow visualizations are also becoming increasingly important for FDA inspections – a requirement that

CAT Group

fully meets.

Finding particle entries

Of course, we also take on this task following modification measures to your

cleanroom technology

or when fixtures and machines have been adapted to the manufacturing processes of a new product. Also,

flow visualization

can help track down unexplained intrusion of particles.

CAT Group’s experts visualize the flow pattern on site using specially developed, state-of-the-art

fog generators

and based on a script defined together with the customer. The air stream impinged with residue-free fog is recorded with at least one high-resolution camera, which also detects the thinnest swaths and the finest turbulences.

You can download the sample visualization here (300 MB).

Other competences


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