Our values and goals


What do we stand for as a company? 

Competence combined with innovative strength and the highest quality standards – these are the key pillars of our corporate culture and at the same time the drivers of our growth. We are constantly developing – and can therefore offer innovative, high-quality and precisely tailored solutions for a rapidly changing market.

What values and principles are important to us?

Responsibility is more than just a phrase for us. This includes fairness, transparency and respectful treatment of employees, customers and partners.
Long-term partnerships and reliable cooperation are more important to us than short-term success.

Thinking outside the box: Why we think about tomorrow today

Looking beyond one’s own nose is not always easy in the fast-paced professional world – but we are convinced that it is important, and even essential for successful further development.

That is why we cooperate with institutions from science and research, such as the Fraunhofer Institute, and establish partnerships with universities such as the University of Stuttgart, Germany (Institute for Building Energy, Thermotechnology and Energy Storage). We maintain cross-industry networks, are involved in associations (including the ITGA Board of Directors) and attach great importance to training and further education of our employees.

Our commitment to the environment and society

The CAT Group is clearly committed to its ecological and social responsibility.

The concept of sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate culture and is consistently put into practice by us. Our current projects include sustainable power supply at our Stuttgart headquarters using our own solar panels, electric charging stations for company vehicles, resource-friendly work (for example, paperless office), active avoidance of plastic waste (including replacement of fizzy drinks boxes with treated tap water) and environmental education.

Social commitment also has a long tradition at CAT Group. In addition to regular donations to charitable institutions, this also includes support for local sports and cultural projects.



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